Is this going anywhere?!?!

Okay I met this guy at a dance a while back and we have hung out at a couple parties since then. He used to call and text me everyday. Well I told him no to sex, and he stopped calling and texting me. I got invited to his friends house, and he was calling me out in front of everyone because I didn't let him know I was in town. And we hung out and flirted all night long. But every time we hangout now he always tells me to text him. So I do. And he has yet to call or text me?!?! Is it even worth it?


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  • i think its not worth it


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  • No, honestly its not. This guy is apparently used to getting whatever he wants from girls and having them chase after him. That's all he wants. He wants you to be at his feet and give in. Guys often have this thought in their heads that ALL girls are attracted to assholes because its a challenge, but no, only stupid girls are. Don't be a stupid girl. He treats you like scum now, if you date him itll only get worst. Don't be one of those ignorant girls who fall for head games and think that you can make them change. Get away from him ASAP. I personally would tell him to go be a douche bag in someone elses presence and leave me alone because he's a loser.

    • Awww thanks and I appreciate the honesty! It's gonna be hard because he is so damn cute, but I think it will be worth it in the end!

    • Haha yeah the cute ones are always the most clever and hardest to stay away from.

    • Curse them! And theyalways know just what to say!