What are the 5 biggest turn offs on your first date?

what are the 5 biggest turn offs on the first date. the things that make you think "i don't think this is gonna work". guys/girls


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  • 1. Insisting on having friends around, especially guy friends, even if they are gay. (He wants to get to know you, not everyone on a first date).

    2. No attempt to look or be her best on the first date - especially sweat pants.

    3. Bad personal hygiene/lack of effort, especially if she reeks or doesn't shave her legs.

    4. Discussing ex, how he got arrested for hurting her, and how both of them got arrested for one particular fight. (Seriously had this happen)

    5. Acting bored, uninterested or excessively tired.


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  • I won't say phone calls, because sometimes their urgent, or its a close friend and you don't want to be rude, so saying "I'll talk to you later, busy at the moment" is acceptable. 1) But to have full fledged conversation can be annoying.

    2) Some people think that first date means... go crazy. If all of a sudden she's loud and obnoxious... then no.

    3) I don't mind random conversations about the next step and all... but future marriage plans and baby talk doesn't belong on a first date.

    4) you remind me of my ex when you... no.

    I can't think of a 5th. But if she eats more than I do, and still looks amazing, 1-4 are forgiven.

  • 1. She talks more about her work than her hobbies and friendships

    2. She talks more about what she wears nd owns then who she is as a person

    3. She asks questions that are more about what I could provide to her some time in the future than in discovering what my philosophy of life and pleasures and interests are in life

    4. She asks me about my exes and more importantly what went wrong then about what I want in the future relationship wise

    5. She spends more time grooming herself then flirting with me

    6. She answers her texts and cell while we are on first date

    7. Has no sense of humour what so ever

    8. Is judgmental about people I do not even know. I do not want to be a therapist on a first date.

    9. She talks more about her horrible past relationships then what she wants in the future in a relationship

    10. She believes that criticizing what I have ordered on first meal is normal

  • 1) Starting out like you have a level head, your fun and easy going then turn into a needy, insecure bitch from hell

    2) After the first date, contribute to the night out please ladies..

    3) Upon seeing one of her male friends when we're out together, she runs over like she hasn't seen him in 50 years, hugs him and makes out like he amazing..I don't like to be "Tested"

    4) When she introduces me to her friends on a night out, then pays me no attention, I am going to find a pub...without you...and possibly another date..

    5) How great your ex/best male friend is or was, or comparing me to them..

    • "contribute to the night out please ladies.." what do you mean? help pay?

  • 1. Trying to pay for stuff. Save it for after we get married if ever!

    2. Being a complete ignoramus. If we can't have a decent conversation and you don't get jokes then I don't care wtf you look like.

    3. Poor hygiene. Smell BAD! (Labyrinth foo!0

    4. Talking about the down falls of your ex's. Wtf is that noise?

    5. Calling me the same night we went out. S-c-a-r-y.

  • 1. won't stop texting

    2. She's wearing a skirt

    3. doesn't look like she's having a good time

    4. she won't even snuggle


  • +++This has all really happened to me +++

    Show pics of your cats

    Phone your ex during dinner so I can talk with him(This guy was 8foot bodybuilder)

    Clean your ears

    Fall asleep

    Scream when your team scores on the TV behind me

    I pick the best of them don't I

  • 1. poor personal hygiene

    2. just kind of acts slutty to other guys

    3. has a very bitchy I-get-everything-i-want attitude

    I can't really think of anything else

  • I would add 4) all conversation topics deal with money and 5) acts disinterested towards me or spends tons of time on the phone.

    When I go out with someone for the first time I want to have fun, not talk about finances or work and I most certainly don't want to spend the entire date sitting next to someone who's blah-blah-blah'ing on a cell phone.

  • 1. Talking about marriage and children

    2. Talking about ex boyfriends

    3. Talking loudly and obnoxiously

    4. Bad breath

    5. Implying that we are now in a serious relationship

  • 1) she is wearing granny panties

    2) she acts to dominant or is a feminazi - I don't want to date a chick with a d***

    3) she automatically expects the guy to pay and on top of that, has ordered the most expensive things as though money is no object

    4) has no manners and only talks about herself

    5) has herpes or an STD

    6) won't do anal sex


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  • 1. more than 15 minutes late for the date without notice

    2. have you pay for the date

    3. ask for sex on the date

    4.bad table manners in the restaurant

    5. checking out other gals in the rstaurant

    6. getting drunk

    7. wanting to stay over your place after the date

    8. not calling you after the first date

  • Hmmm lets see:

    1)If he ONLY talks about himself and never asks me any questions. (This happened recently and it was awful).

    2)Staring down EVERY other girl passing by.

    3)Not holding at least a couple of doors for me. I mean c'mon...chivalry isn't completely dead.

    4)Hygiene and all that stuff...if it's off,we are not going out again.

    5)Trying to bed me on the first date...NOoooooo

  • 1. lying

    2. boasting about dumb things to look good

    3. calling me names and assuming I'm dumb

    4. disrespect

    5. complaining about everything in his life

  • 1) Irresponsibility

    2) Terrible rudeness that it's not even funny

    3) A player

    4) Being overly physical

    5) No respect for people

  • 1.) A very bland date (lacks with or does not understand sarcasm(I've stated this in a previous question but it applies))

    2.) Constantly checking out other girls

    3.) Exclusively talks about himself

    4.) Or does not talk at all


  • 1) Talking about your ex girlfriend

    2) Answering your cell phone

    3) Being rude

    4) Acting bored

    5) Talking about nothing besides sports

  • 1)Discussion of politics/religion. It only starts drama and arguments & I feel like this shouldn't be talked about for a few more dates.

    2)Talking about marriage, having kids, etc. If I've just met you, I'm definitely not down to talk about a future together if I don't even know you are going to be apart of my life to begin with.

    3)Any mention of ex's/past relationships. If I ask them and they answer honestly, that's one thing but don't bring it up unless asked.

    4)When the person I'm talking to only talks about themselves and shows no interest in you. I hate being the one that asks all the questions.

    5)Last but not least, f the person is just flat out boring and couldn't keep a conversation for the life of them is a huge turn off.

  • 1 wanting sex on the first date

    2 bad personal hygiene/ obvious lack of effort with self presentation

    3 answering his cell phone

    4 trying to impress with by talking about his money or cars

  • my biggest turn offs:

    talking about his mum, like she'd be the only person in his life("I need to ask mummy if I am allowed to do this - kind of guy")

    being a total show off

    no/poor personal hygiene

    keeps on telling me to want sex with me on the first date (if I wanted random sex, I'd go for a one night stand and not on a date)

  • Coming onto me on the first date/wanting sex/wanting me to come over after the date

    Visible lack of effort on self presentation

    Poor table etiquette i.e. not taking off your dirty baseball cap

    Talks about himself all the time, trying to impress me

    Nervousness (not really a turnoff but it's just like why are you afraid of me?)

    Checking their cell phone

  • i don't hAve one in particular,but let me think...if he acts geeky...

  • answers phone during the middle of the date

    doesn't pay attention to me, his eyes and mind wander

    has a cocky attitude

    is rude to the waitresses

    is late

  • The guy telling me he has a kid o_O