Do you put your significant other on your top friends?

Well, my boyfriend and I have been dating for several weeks. Both of us have a myspace and a facebook. I go to his myspace page once in a while. But I've notice that he doesn't put me on his top friends list, but puts like 7 other girls on there and like his guy friends. Should I talk to him about it? Or not? I also went to his facebook, and in the "relationship status" it says he is in one but under it is not me it this girls on his myspace top(2nd girl on his ms top). Should I be worried? And should I confront him about this? Is he a player or not? What should I do? Your thoughts would be really appreciated.

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  • I find this interesting because I know quite a few people who are in a relationship. Their myspace says "In a Relationship" but their significant other can be found no where on their myspace. No pictures. No comments. Nothing.

    I would talk to him about it. Ask him, but don't flip out and get all crazy about it.

    If his facebook says that he is in a relationship with another girl then it could be 1 of 2 things.

    1. He just never uses his facebook and has forgotten to change it.


    2. He is in a relationship with this girl and you are either his new interest or he is just using you.

    If the situation is not situation number 1, I say don't get into a relationship with him. The reason I say that is because if he is still dating her or he just broke up with her he probably does not have a clear state of mind. He could be using you as a rebound or just as a piece of ass.

    So, all you can do is ask him. If you feel he is lying or you feel uncomfortable (stessed or worried) get out of a relationship with him. Stay friends and maybe in the future you two could get together.


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  • You are the only one who should know! Maybe he has forgotten to add it, or he hasn't felt the need to update it. Why? Because he knows you two are together. Besides, you are not his top friend anyway, unless you really are one of his best friends. You are HIS girl, and that's all that matters. If it really bothers you, ask him about it, but don't overact it, just be cool and ask it ;]

  • I know tons of guys who don't update that stuff. The first step is not to freak out. Calmly ask him about it, and go from there. If he's mean about it, disrespectful, or avoiding, then there might be something up.

    Update this question with his response after you've calmly asked him about it.

  • i don't just because you don't need them on ur top 8 or number 1 for them to know how much you love them and care about them.

  • if he's a player he'll probably tell you that you're his girl or maybe he just want to keep it secret and honestly I don't understand that , if you'll talk to him just be cool don't get nervous because it gonna make it worse ,


What Girls Said 2

  • You should better talk to him about it and know his reasons for that

  • Yo don't really have to worry yourself about it

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