Online dating -- what's the best way to do this?

I just got hammered in a relationship -- miss her, but it's been over for three months. So, I would like to branch out and try to meet new people. However, as a consultant in both law and IT, work hours can be a little screwy. To boot (bad pun), I'm 36 -- the bar scene is just not that exciting for me anymore. So -- I thought -- let's try online dating! I've meandered through a couple of site. Joined a few here and there, but really -- which ones make sense, and how does a single guy, amongst droves of single guys, create a meaningful profile? Has anyone had success with this? Should I just pay to find a Russian bride (laughing...sobbing)...



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  • I tried online dating- okcupid, plentyoffish, and evow. Personally, I've had no luck on there and know of even fewer who have. It feels kind of unnatural and for some reason I always get the feeling that people are on there for a reason and just know how to hide it better. However, it is a great way to get back into the dating scene and seeing what's out there.

    • If you have had no luck, and no one you know has had any luck -- how is it a great way to get back into dating? Confused!

    • well its great because you can see what your really looking for in a potential relationship plus you can get your dating confidence back by meeting people you might not otherwise meet. But I wouldn't put a ton of effort into it, of the few people I have heard who had success on dating sites, are now miserable in their relationship (took her money, cheated on her, etc). I think its a lot more natural if you meet someone through a friend or on your own rather than searching through profiles.

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