I texted a girl, she never wrote back? What should I do?

OK so I just changed schools and I have made a lot of new friends including this guy we will call him Tyler (not his real name but I like that name lot) me and Tyler hung out but he had a girlfriend and I am no whore so we were just friends but he still flirted with me and so I was like ugh what to do and then him and his girlfriend broke up and so it was like OK whatever I can flirt now. Well me and Tyler wrote notes wrote each other on face book and even kissed twice but this other dude lets call him Charlie(again not his name but I just got done watching Charlie in the chocolate factory lot) asked me out and omg he is so hot so I said yes well now Tyler is acting all cold shoulder and even ignores me sometimes even though we were just friends what should I do guys ? What's going on in his head ?

the titltle is a mees up but thanks for relating


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  • So...I don't really understand how the title fits the story..but I'm gonna comment on this anyway...

    I'm pretty much going through the same thing right now. I was seeing a guy and it wasn't anything serious. Actually...I believe I was just a booty call for 3am when he would get home, horny and drunk. One night I ignored 3 calls that came from him within just minutes of each other. The next day I texted him and told him we can't meet up for a while cause I'm seeing someone. This was at least 2 weeks ago. I haven't heard anything from him since. I've tried making contact but he refuses to respond and just keeps ignoring me. I really wish I knew what his deal was...if he was into me or not...if maybe he just didn't want me to know. Ugh...how annoying is it.