I'm a guitarist and a singer from india, south india actually, a lot of illitrate north indians actually managed to give us indians a bad name?

So would a girl from a forgot country actually want to date guys like me cuz some people misbehaved to them?
Foreign country*


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  • Well, TBH most people want to date someone who lives near by.

    Tell me about your guitar.

    • The date thing was just to know if people actually care about that kinda stuff😂i play an ESP EC-256, and Ibanez s520 and a fender American standard elite stratocaster

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    • One more year and I can drive and I've been waiting for this for a long time and I'm pretty desperate for a drivers licence 😂and here comes the kerala government saying driving age should be lifted to 21

    • I hope they don't change 18 to 21

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  • After 18 it usually (not always) gets easier to find a girl. First thing you need to do though, is talk to them.
    Why not try doing an album, go to Bollywood and become an actor. You have the whole world my friend and the fact that you pick up on languages is great.


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  • It's not Indians , it's Pakistan.. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
    From what Indians tell me... Indian is the most loved from the South Asians. Most liberal. Bollywood. Most visited too

    • Hmmm maybe but I still think those people as equal as me, I'm Allwin whats your name man?

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    • I'll never judge anyone based on their color, gender, caste or religion

    • It's not possible to say everyone lol
      But there is more that not. I don't see 'good muslims' doing anything to stop any of these either

      Guilty by association

  • Yea your fine. Most people in America don't know really anything about India.

  • Your 17 my man most won't be looking to date u at the moment

    • 😂I was just wondering, I mean even pewdipie made videos about indians kinda giving a picture that all Indians are like that but that's not true at all those are just the illiterate guys from the north

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    • So I was just wondering if this can become a problem cuz I'm actually looking forward to moving to another country and get settled and ya know

    • 😂a lot of plans and dreams and a lot of things to stand upto

  • Indians shit on the streets

    • Not exactly 😂we have toilets and I'm not the kinda person you think I am dude

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    • I bet you didn't notice that the place shown in that video is not even a place near the border of India

    • I'm done argueing with people like you Hugemoth, you're nothing but a complete jerk who think he's above everyone else

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