His first love is sexy af, beautiful, and determined to have him back. What can I do?

It was not a teenage first love, it was his first real “adult” love.

She is the perfect girl: incredibly beautiful, sexy, stylish, intelligent, rich. He used to say she was the sweetest, kindest creature in the whole world. But she moved far away for work. She tried to convince him to move as well, he applied to a couple positions, wasn’t hired, decided not to go. He didn’t want a ldr, but in practice they were having one and it went on for one year. She kept insisting she wanted it to be official, he kept insisting he didn’t, so in the end she got broken hearted and broke up with him. He feels terribly guilty for having made her suffer. She kept writing to him saying she was not doing well etc. We used to know each other for years and we started dating shortly after she broke up with him. Eventually I managed to have him
block her on fb and stuff but I suspect she contacted him again.

All of his best friends moved to the same city where she lives. She wants him
back and insists he moves there. Now his friends live there as well I’m afraid he’s goung to riconsider it.

Im not beautiful, sexy, or even interesting as she is. The bitch has it all and she has a huge power on him.

What can I do?


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  • The first thing you can do is not put yourself down that just bad. the next thing you really can't do anything your boyfriend or whatever he is to you just needs to not care about her cause right now he with you.


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  • By the way you describe her yourself and show no trust in him I don't think u can do anything

    • Well he agreed to block her so that’s something...

    • Again if u think that means anything this relation to if he will leave u or not but meh guess we will see

  • Marry him

  • Be nice to him.


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