Can we please ship immature ass adults to pluto?

I stopped fucking with a guy because his friends were disrespectful and immature. He wouldn't even remove a photo of his ex girlfriend off social media. His dad and friends respected him for disrespecting me? Even other women encouraged this shit.

I politely removed myself from the toxic ass situation and told him, his friends and family to fuck off.

Then he unprivated his page and was like, she said I act like a highschooler, called me a bitch and posted part pics.

I don't even have social media. He always trying to pisdme off.

I'm not even gonna entertain that shit. Why some adults find drama amusing... I don't know.

I don't even know why these people are considered adults. They have the mentality of middle schoolers.

No one in my HS behaved that way.


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  • The technology to ship a person to Pluto is still a few years away if not impossible... that being said how can the guy make you this angry?

  • You want me to send a semi-truck full of kleenex to your front door?


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