Dating with anxiety disorder?

SO I have started dating someone new and it is going well. We have been talking for about 6 weeks now and have been out on 6 dates and text each other every day. We have discussed it and neither of us are hooking up with anyone else.
However, I have general anxiety and OCD made worse by an emotionally abusive relationship that ended last fall. The new guy I am talking to is great but he takes a long time to respond. The worst is when I see he has read it and then I sit there waiting for him to respond. Can sometimes be a few hours after he even read it! He has admitted that he is a bad texter and has tried to be better for me.
How do i calm myself down and stop overthinking? I really like this guy and I don't want my anxiety to be a turn off or push him away! Its just texting but it makes me so nervous like at any point he is just going to ghost me. I know its not rational but I can't help but overthink that it means he doesn't like me


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  • As someone who has anxiety too, I completely get you. What helped in my relationship was to be honest with him as to how it makes me feel. It was a damn vulnerable moment that I hadn't ever had with anyone but it was so worth it. At least he knows why I sometimes overreact about certain things, or shut down about others. So what I'm trying to say is, have you told him this?

    • No i feel like I should soon. I just feel like it is too early on at this point you know? but i also want him to be aware because if he really does like me he will understand my fears

    • Yeah wait till you're comfortable enough. For now just tell him how you don't like it, and when it happens just distract yourself until you do get the text back.

  • Wouldn’t recommend


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