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OK so here's my situation. I haven't "dated" in over two years. My last relationship left me lack of better words apathetic. I just pretty much did one night stands (never misled women I always made it clear about my intentions) but one day I decided I want to do the right thing so I'm trying to get into a committed relationship. It's been a while since I've sought dates rather than just a partner so I'm a bit lost :/. Now also I'm in the military and I'm trying to keep that to myself because near bases there are a lot of women who prey on single soldiers to get married it's an easy paycheck and pretty much a free ride. Not all women are like that but I'm having trouble finding the good ones from the bad... I consider myself intelligent but I often lower the level of the conversation because most responses tend to be a blank face and maybe "...huh?". Tad bit lost so any advice would be nice if what I'm asking is unclear just post a question and I'll be happy to answer. Thanks for reading


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  • Just bring up topics that you are into and things you might like


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