Am I crazy? Or my boyfriend is just careless at best?

So my boyfriend rarely call me back straight away or turn up at time. At the beginning it used to make me smile but now that the gap is get to g wider between is calls and turning up time. I'm getting rather fed up. Last evening he promised to call me back a bit later, I waited till 5.30 pm today and again he promised to call back 5 minutes later which he didn't do. So I called him and told him that he shouldn't say to people that he will call or turn up if he don't have any intention to do so. He just said sorry while laughing is head off. And when he not noticed that I wasn't laughing he said girl are you serious isn't the end of the world , I agreed isn't the end of it. And he kept laughing. I live this guy to bits but I don't think that he's treating me right.


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  • Of course not. Any guy laughing at his girlfriend is so disrespectful to both of you.
    I hope he realizes that some day

  • It's building your attraction. And your trying to change him but you can't. All classic techniques!

    • I love him to bits and really dont try to change him but I start to be fed up with the long hours waiting , I suggest a solution that he stop promising calls and visits if he don't attend to come and he seemed to take offences , why?

    • It's subconscious. Women test men to see how strong they are. If he caves you won't be as attracted to him!

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