Who wants to do the new level up challenge with me?

I always like to turn things into a fun competition for myself. This 365 day challenge is about discpline.

What the challenge is about:
Getting rid of toxic ex's and cleansing your energy. This challenge is 365 days long.

Challenge rules:
* Mark down every day you don't communicate with your ex.
* Don't Google or look up their social media.
* Don't bring them up or talk about them.
* If someone brings them up, ignore it and pretend like you don't know who they're talking about/change the topic.
* Don't talk about what happened, why you broke up, etc.

At the end of the challenge, I want everyone to see how they feel about themselves and the challenge.

At the end of the challenge you may:
* Look up your ex's social media
* See how far you've came.

This challenge is mostly for women who dealt with abusive fuckboys.


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