Why dont more latino men and black women date each other?

More and more black women have opened up to dating interracially in most major cities, and I see it a lot in mine - NYC. But they're usually with white men. I've even known some black girls who dated Asian guys. It seems really rare for latino men and black women to pair up. Why is that?

I guess I assumed that it would be more common than wm-bw couples but its actually way less common than when black girls date white men. why?


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  • I don't think they have to date eachother. interracial dating between bw and other races does seem small still, and even rare from last time I went back to NY. But it's up to the individuals interest


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  • That's because it's mostly Latinos from Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Caribbean or whose families who came from there that date black women (lots of these guys are mostly or partly black themselves). Mexicans and Mexican-Americans usually don't, and they are the largest group of Latinos by far in the US.

    • Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are still the largest groups of Latinos in NYC, and they are the Latino groups most likely to date non-Latinas, especially black women.

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  • UM.

    When blk women date outside that is like the first race they run to.


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  • DAFUQ, That's like the default inter racial couple. lol

    • lol Where?

      Not in NYC it isn't or anywhere I been.

    • Then, you need to go somewhere else in NYC. Brooklyn has it, Bronx DEFINITELY has it.
      Queens is meh, Manhattan is a joke. And Staten Island is known for the Wu Tang, so...

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