Would you date me?

I've seen a lot of these going around, so i'd try one for myself.

- I'm 186 (6 feet 1&1/2 inch).
- Short brown hair.
- 100 kg. Not strong, but not weak either. (Would consider working out, but to have you as a workout partner would be awesome).
- Atm. I'm growing a beard, but not really. I'm just to lazy to shave. Fun to see though.

- Huge fan of movies/tv and youtube. A lot of my time goes to stuff like that.
- Also LOVE music. If i'm not listening to it, i'm maybe playing it on my guitar. I'm also constantly singing, but i have no idea if i'm good at it. Mostly love pop and rock, but all genres work except screaming and not the biggest fan of jazz.
- Laid back and chill in general.
- Huge nerd. I'm a fan of card games, board games, get really excited by superhero movies and tv and stuff like TLOTR or Harry Potter.
- Funny i think/hope.
- Not much of a gamer, but played a bit of Skyrim, Pokemon and Tetris (but then again, who hasn't).
- I'm trustworthy and don't have the time or energy for backstabbing, drama and other bulllshit.
- Love to cook. Hate to bake. But making food costs money...😢

Probably my "worst thing" is that i'm still a virgin and never been in a relationship.
Some more stuff about me:
- An atheist.
- High sex drive, and would love a woman that would do pretty much anything and everything (doubt that'll ever happen)
- I'm not judgmental.
- My perfect Saturday night, whereas everyone else would go out to a club and get drunk i'd like to watch a movie and eat pizza with someone.

If there's anything you would like to know, just ask.


Most Helpful Girls

  • Your only twenty, still being single or a virgin at that age is pretty normal, though most wouldn't have you believe it. You sound great, I would definitely date you if I knew you in person, Or at least be your best friend, if only to listen to your singing.

  • I’d get down on my knee and propose, lol

    • I’ll bake the dessert, you make dinner, ok? Lol

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    • Oh lol misread. Sure that sounds fun. But my mind is gross. You should know that. So when you say stuff like "i'll make dessert" i think of dirty stuff. Another thing people might see as a "flaw"

    • Oh dear, lol XP
      It’s not a bad thing per se, lol—but I did mean that innocently

Most Helpful Guy

  • not gay but if I was a female then yes


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What Girls Said 3

  • I’d definitely date you. You have a great personality which I love and we have a lot in common. Also looks dont matter but your ideally my type

  • I like tall nerdy guys. Just religion plays a bug role in my life, and I’d need a guy to feel the same way. If I met you in person I’d think you’re a pretty chill guy (I’m 19 by the way)

    • You're really religious? what religion are we talking about?

    • Judaism but I’m more of a spiritual person... not the stereotypical Jew

    • Yeah that would probably be a problem. You'd want to get married connected to a religion right?

  • You would hate my music😂


What Guys Said 1

  • sorry i ain't gay.


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