Did she make her Instagram bio ABOUT ME?

So a 2 months ago I started talking to this girl and the 3 weeks in I invited her to the movies and we ended up going and having a good time. A week later I ask her if she thinks we have potential to be more than friends and she tells me :

Did she make her Instagram bio ABOUT ME?

And since she gave me a chance I ended up asking her out a second time to which she said yes but when the day came around and I never texted her about going so we never went

fast forward to now earlier this week I saw her profile on insta and her bio now reads:
“Everything happens for something but what does not happen is also for something” (translated)
so is that talking about what happened between us or?
What do you guys think?
Did she make her Instagram bio ABOUT ME?


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  • No, I think she just wanted some inspirational shit to make her new insta bio. I doubt it has to do with you, she seems to have a rather carefree attitude about dating rn, so I don't think she would take a missed date seriously enough to change her insta bio because of it. But how would I know, I don't even have an insta lol.

    • 😂 thanks for your input! the only reason why I’m sayin this is cause the last bit sounds too coincidental but it could just be me cause she said “if it happens it happens if not then” and nothing happened , and in the last bit of her bio it says “but what does not happen is also for something“ so idk? Lol

    • And plus her last bio was about her ex so that was another reason why I thought that

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  • Bro girls get approached daily thousands of times. She might have met another dude or whatever happening in her life is ain't good


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