boyfriend is going out with coworkers. Didn’t tell me a girl was going?

My boyfriend called me today to tell me he was going to go out to eat with a coworker of his. I said “oh that’s nice. I hope you have fun!” And then the convo changed to something else. Then he mentioned the coworker had just texted him the address. I asked which one it was, he told me the name. It’s a coworker I’m familiar with. So I was like “oh cool!” And then he added “oh also, uh he uh invited the intern we had to come too”.

I got a little uncomfortable because he has talked about her a few times. But, also the fact he had kind of omitted that information made me a little insecure. He wasn’t going to tell me that unless I had asked is what it seemed like.

I tried not to show too much insecurity. But, I’m not sure if he picked up on it. I tried to be cool about it and let him change the subject. But, I noticed he then had this different attitude with me. I didn’t really like it. He also tried to be more romantic with me and say a lot of sweet things. And now I am just overthinking so much.

I’m not sure why he wouldn’t have mentioned that at first. He seemed kind of hesitant to tell me. I haven’t really shown extreme jealously or insecurity. Except for one instance where it was warranted (i. e., his friend’s girlfriend was giving him sexual glances at a party).
And when I did show jealousy, it wasn’t extreme either. I just mentioned how i felt uncomfortable and didn’t like her behavior.


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  • Sure he didn't tell you straight away, but he could have not mentioned her at all and just said it was with the male co-worker. So he's not really trying to hide it and maybe he was hesitant because he thought you might get the wrong impression.
    When he's mentioned her before what did he say about her?

    • My impression would have been better if he had said he’s going with his coworker and the intern they had. But, he didn’t even mention her until I asked. He seemed hesitant to mention her and then acted kind of nervously. He also had kind of an attitude with me, one i didn’t like. I don't know how to explain it, basically, kind of mean but played it off as jokes.

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    • @jessture never jumped down his throat. Go away :)

    • Uh huh...

  • It's because you penalized him for telling the truth in the past. He's learned not to tell you these details because you act like a child

    • It is men like you who make women feel trapped because expressing emotions is seen as “childish”.

    • It's women like who give men reasons to obscure the truth. Why should any guy be 100% truthful when you refuse to act like an adult when he tells the truth? Get over yourself.

    • Lol oops

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