What are we? Does she want me to make a first move or not?

She wants to do things every day with me. Chill at her place and watch a movie, wants to hang out with me and my friends or invite them to chill at her place, cook food together, go shopping for food, join her when she needs to go to the town hall, take walks with her and feed deer... she often invites me to go with her to nightclubs but that isn’t a place I’m comfortable with. We can talk openly about anything to eachother and we can talk for hours and hours. When we walk she often walks very close to me, like she’s asking for me to grab her hand or... but we’re very distant when sitting together. We enjoy cooking for eachother and she often invites me over to eat together. But I’m not sure what situation we’re in. Are we friends, or is she maybe looking for more than that? I know it’s hard to answer because y’all don’t know her in person... I’d love to take the first step because we’re like minded but I don’t want to risk it all, and fuck it up by misjudging and trying to be something while she just wants to be friends..
It also feels like she wants to test me, saying things like: I very rarely trust men, or my ex and i did... it feels like she wants to make me jealous, talking about how often she gets attention from other men, or talks about what she did with her ex...


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  • She definitely has interest in you. The more time she wants to spend with you only show how interested she is. When talking about other guys she’s just looking for how you react. If you feel some type of interest for her be straight up and ask what it is that you guys have.


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