What would you do? Would you tell them or keep it to yourself?

I signed up for a dating site yesterday and while scrolling down the timeline I saw some people I know of that are in relationships.

One is my old coworker's boyfriend. I talk to her every once in awhile, she usually calls me venting to me about her boyfriend, they break up and get back together A LOT. She recently broke up with him because she found out he was planning on meeting up with another girl on instagram, they ended up getting back together. He often turns off his phone and tells her his phone died, but it’s not the truth. He also does drugs Crystal meth and she knows. They’re currently together and he was on his profile today. His says single on it for dating.

Second one is a girl, we follow each other on instagram we never spoke, but her boyfriend has a dating profile and it says he’s single. He was on his profile today as well.

Third my ex he has a dating profile, I didn’t know it was him because the profile picture is of a guy covering his face, but he’s in a relationship I’m most hesitant about this one because he can flip it, and who believes an ex anyway? She’d probably think I’m doing this to get him back, but if I wanted him I could have him because he’s not the most faithful person. He was on it the same time I was and his profile says single looking for a relationship.

Fourth she’s a friend of a friend of a friend, lol. Her boyfriend has a dating profile and they’re engaged. She madly in love with him head over hills.

I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news, but if it were me I would want someone to tell me. I really don’t even want to tell these girls myself honestly. I was thinking about somehow showing someone and hoping maybe it’ll get back to them. But I don’t want any of them to find out from me.


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  • To each their own, if they are so stupid to do that. Let them, they'll just do it to the next and never learn

  • Keep out of it and mind your own business. Meddling will only cause you grief.

  • Maybe send a made up email with a screenshot of his profile to her


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