Boyfriend always texts me late at night?

Should I be concerned cause my boi always texts me really late at night and I always feel weird about it. We’ve gone on dates but he always texts me really late😅 should I be concerned if he only ever texts me at 12


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  • Anything after 9pm is a 90% guaranteed "booty call". He sounds like he is putting in minimal effort... How long have you guys been dating?

    • 2 months 😅 and ya I figured maybe I should just leave it be

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    • Yea, I feel that. Just learn to trust in yourself to be able to open up and have the confidence and patience to not worry about if someone loves you enough or not. <3

    • Aw thanks girl imma use this info! And lol I think maybe he’s playing hard to get with me cause he like texts me right away always

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