Why do guys check me out, but I’m hardly ever approached?

i hear stories from other girls all the time. Stories about guys stalking them or asking for their number. Not that I want a stalker, but it’s attention either way and that’s the point I’m making.
i genuinely attract eyes, but nobody really ever approaches me!
Am I just not as attractive as I think I am? 😂😂😂


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  • I've had the same experience, but with women of course. Perhaps those guys are intimidated by you how attractive you may be. Another possibility is that you may not appear approachable. I know that for me, if a woman were to smile at me, I'd be more inclined to approach her.

    • True, I don’t put off an approachable vibe and when guys do speak to me it’s usually casual conversation. I don’t think I’m so attractive that I’m intimidating though. But I think it would be pretty shitty to be that attractive anyway. Kind of hard to make friends, then :)

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  • I get what you mean! I get thesame reaction. I guess we are very special, bc the right man hasn't approach us yet, and we just have to be very patiently for that right man to approach us! So in a lot of ways, its a blessing in disguise bc we are flying out by not having guys who are idiots by them hurting us and treating us not so nice. So its good not to be approach, and a great feeling that we can catch guys eyes attention! I love it, it builts my confidence up! about guys being into me. Enjoy being you, and live life to the fullest! Have a wonderful day!

    • Oh what an uplifting comment. Thank you :) I hope you have a fantastic day, too. Xxx

    • No worries, i smile at the guys, and i talk to them casually, but not enough to say hey lets hang out... lol! I am to nice though, so i get some guys in a coversation but nice and not flirting though. Xxx thanks have a sweet day.

    • Thanks for the MHO. Awesome.

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  • Hard to say without being there are seeing what goes on. I tend to think it isn't your looks, though. Are you smiling at the guys you see checking you out? Are you approaching guys and starting a convo?

    • No, I immediately put my eyes to the ground, as I don’t actually want to me approached. It’s just I hear so many stories about these things happening to other girls, they’re complaining with a hint of boasting, and I wonder why I’ve never been in said situations.

  • Out: Women are equal to men
    In: Guys don't know their role

    • Oh no, I don’t want them to approach me! I’m just curious as to why I overhear so many stories but it’s never happened to me lol

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