Why do coworkers care where you live?

My manager asked me today if I live nearby? Like maybe he asked me because I was working a late shift but it’s kinda weird?

I had another coworker ask me this but it was a long time ago and it was just because I needed a ride home and he offered.

But today when my manager asked me, i wasn’t asking for a ride or anything. He just asked me out of nowhere.
Is that not weird?


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What Guys Said 1

  • just the dirtiest question they ask they want to put on an category to can easily understood u the more they know about you the more it can be bad fuck them


What Girls Said 2

  • It's not weird I guess. They're asking just to know if you'll safely go back home. And also sometimes during an interview for example, they can also ask just to know if you're living close enough to Not get late for work

    • So you think it’s maybe to see if I’ll get home safe? Since my shift ended late. Till 1am.

    • Absolutely. Same has happened to me when I worked till a late hour, because your boss feels the responsibility that you, as their employee, go home safely

  • Lol it’s so weird. I've had that happen numerous times.


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