Guys, Girls, I asked him to hang out and he said he is busy?

He is my co worker, i like him and i think he knows
he does flirts with me, not in front of othes but through text.
He got promoted and i got him a gift. He did show a lot of appreciation.
Somedays he is too busy and dont get to text me, so he text and apologizes cause he's been busy.
The way he talks to me through text is totally different from when we talk face to face and others are around. It's like he is totally different person!!
We don't see each other outside work.
Recently i got some bonus, i was telling him about it and he said "you should treat yourself" i asked him if he would like to join, he said he wish he could! And when i asked why he couldn't said work!
I didn't ask anything else... Just feeling confused, rejected.


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  • It's possible he doesn't feel comfortable getting to close to a co-worker, Maybe he is really too busy

    • He is pretty busy, that's true.
      I forgot to mention, when he saidwork is the hold up, i told him what about after work, he replied work Never ends!!

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    • I don't want him to think i don't have any self respect, today I felt so bad and confused for being rejected
      he tells me he missed me when i'm back from sick leave/leave and office isn't the same without me!
      just don't know what to think!!

    • It wasn't what I would call a rejection- a rejection is "I am not interested at all", and he didn't say that. What you Need to figure out for sure is that he isn't doing a real rejection but camouflaging it- that's why I say Keep Talking to him and try to get him to hang out. It is a big negative that he isn't trying to find time to do that- and that is what should concern you the most.

  • Being busy can be normal especially in your age group. Try to find a date with him he can come with you just let him decide when its most convienient. If he then still rejects the date its probably not going to go anywhere

  • Did you give him a certain day? Or was it just a open invitation whenever?

    • Just an open invitation

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    • So why all the flirting and showing interest?

    • For fun. Some people are just flirtatious. If you gave him a open invite and said no I have to work without even hearing I date or time than he's not interested. If he liked you he would want to hang out with you. Also you're other comment him saying work never ends. Lol I mean that's just polite bs.

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