Dealing with a shy guy, help?

Ok so at my seasonal job I met this really cute guy (its a SEASONAL job. No workplace relationship issues dont worry).
Ill skip all the small details and just say that he told one of our coworkers he wanted to ask me out, and another coworker who happens to be a good friend of his that he really is interested in me. And weve already been to a movie together, which Im assuming he took as a friendly date. I dont know.
Either way, he's EXTREMELY shy and he hasn't even kissed a girl yet. he's 18 by the way. So, on the movie date, he would draw back if even so much as our elbows brushed on the shared armrest.
So, he asked me to lunch before work this coming Friday, and Im just wondering, how would I initiate physical contact with him? Im not talking about kissing or any of that exciting stuff, clearly he's new to the game. But Im used to the outgoing guys making the first move on ME. I really want to hug him, or even just hold his hand, I dont know. But I dont know how to do it without freaking him out and making him super nervous/uncomfortable. Any tips?


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  • I think, that one of the reasons, why he is shy is that he isn't sure, if you like him back.

    This could be from bad experience from past...
    Or from no experience...


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