Why did she do me like that?

This girl I met online named Haley
I online date but this is why I hate it
I’m always getting blocked...

i really really liked her
when I go online I don’t like showing pictures of me or letting that person get to know me because I’m unattractive.. I know I’m unattractive...
i tell girls that’s why I don’t have any pictures but they never listen

I just wanna be friends you don’t have to see how I look. But they insist
now this girl named Haley who I really like just blocked me.
I felt like she really liked me...

She begged to see me.. & as soon as she saw me she immediately blocked me... immediately.

I've never been blocked so fast in my life...
she couldn’t have just said we’d be better as friends or just ignore me... but why block me?

I had messaged her on my old account & I told her to add me back & id never speak to her again... I just hate being blocked...

Then she immediately blocked my old account
without question...



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What Girls Said 2

  • Guess she is no longer interested in you.

  • I don't know. That is hurtful.

    • Yeah it was very hurtful

What Guys Said 1

  • The reason why she immediately blocked you was because she was clearly not interested. This way, she could just cut contact off, without spending any more time on it. It is also a clear message to you, although is a harsh one. Do note: i do not approve of such behaviour (i would just prefer her saying no), but it does make things clear for you. You don't have to send messages and then be ignored (thus feeling bad at a later time) and you don't have to hope that maybe a 'friendship' will evolve in something more. It is a clear and harsh no.

    I would recommend to use a photo next time you use online dating, and spend some time on that photo. Appear confident and appear healthy. That way, you prevent these kind of situations in the future.

    You might also want to try paiq. It is a free dating site that is based on the idea that you don't actually see each other's photo, until at least x amount of messages are sent.


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