Was I manipulated by my ex?

So, one day I met really handsome guy and we went our for a date. I didn’t like him at first, something was just telling me that I shouldn’t waste my time with him, but he was really trying hard to get the second date so I agreed.
As we were getting to know each other I started liking him. I told my friends about him and they said that this guy is bad news and some other people also confirmed it. I didn’t listen, I got into relationship with him and those few months were really nice, I enjoyed spending time with him but I just couldn’t get rid of this nasty feeling. I began to recall everything they told me about him and became suspicios. Some of stories he told me didn’t add up, also I started to catch him in little “naive” lies, everytime we had an issue he tried to avoid the main problem and started talking about other things like “I could date anyone else but I chose you, sex doesn’t matter to me, I like you because you are not a slut” and he was repeating these things whenever I tried to talk to him about problem that we have.
Soon after, we broke up, he said I was too much and made a victim out of himself like he did before. So I was left wondering if I was the issue and this guy really liked me or if he manipulated me just like he did it with everyone else?


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  • Sounds like he tried. You was too clever. Thank your friends for the heads up.


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