What does it mean when a girl says you're weird through text?

Yesterday, I called up my female friend just to keep in touch with her. Tried thrice, she called me back but I didn't pick up. Called her again, she picked up, we spoke she sounded tired and told me she was correcting papers since she was a teacher. I messaged her saying that I'm sorry for calling her at a bad time, since I know she's stressed out. She asked you're apologising for what, so I replied for calling you at a bad time. She then replied you're weird, I thought she was kidding, so I replied, it's empathy, She replied back saying: that empathy word is for you don't direct it to me. Now I'm confused.


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  • She probably said you're weird for apologizing when clearly you had no clue of what she was doing.
    I don't think I'd read into what she said that would only prove her right that you are weird.
    As for the placement of the word empathy that too was bad timing on your part.

    • So do you think I messed up? I've already apologise for the misunderstanding?

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    • Thank you.

    • Sure, think before saying something, so many times if we take a step back and think we wouldn't respond the same way.
      Good luck.

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