Haven't kissed him? Help !

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month and a half now, and I haven't kissed him yet. I've been best friends with him for two years and have liked him for a year. I figured out I loved him once we started dating. He means everything to me and so much more, but how come I haven't kissed him yet?

Everytime he leans in to kiss me, I kinda just turn away and I have no clue why. I do want to kiss him back, but whenever I even consider it, I end up backing out of it.

Why am I doing this, and how can I gather enough courage to kiss him?


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  • Maybe you're just not ready. You should be comfortable with him since you've been friends for years. Maybe it's a little awkward for you subconsciously because you saw him as just a friend for so long and you don't know how to transition into a romantic relationship. But a kiss isn't really a big deal in my opinion. You should kiss him under some mistletoe for Christmas. :)

    • he kisses me on the cheek and everything all the time, and I just sit there awkwardly, he understands that I'm 'not ready', but I feel so bad because neither of us get why I love him but I'm not ready to kiss him

      i like your idea, I just don't know how to go about doing it lol

      but thanks !

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    • alright, thanks for the advice ! :)

    • You're quite welcome.

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