Am I being played?

I met a girl who is literally like the female version of me and we really it off and I'm not gonna lie I developed feelings for her and one night she decided to admit she has feelings for me too and wants to see where things go but is afraid of her current guy she's been with for 8 months will kill himself because of he has a personality disorder and an experience with self harm and claims he's only got her even though he treats her like shit so she doesn't want to be with him but she still cares about him because 8 months doesn't just go but I'm stuck here in this kind of limbo trying to help her whilst she's dealing with what is basically a dying relationship and I do find myself wondering does she just want to play us both?


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  • If she's important, don't let that go.

    • She kinda is yeah I mean I've been shut off from relationships for ages but as soon as I met her it's like my guard wasn't even up and it scared me that I cared so much about someone I just met

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