If a guy is too short, would you want him to get leg lengthening surgery to better himself?

It's no secret tall men are superior, ask any girl. But should short men try to get better or do they like the idea of putting them in the their place and judging them as horrible people by not even giving them a chance?


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  • Wth... no, that’s terrible. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with height, it’s something out of their control. That’s like saying “if a girl has not tits, would you want her to get implants?” Obviously some irrelevant people might, but it honestly doesn’t matter enough

    • Girls reject guys for being too short plenty of times and that only tall men are capable of protecting them

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    • ... are you a girl? Can you say that for all girls? I gave you my opinion, you dont have to agree with it, but don’t try to change it

    • That's what my freindss who are girls told me

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