I didn't reply to him because he was sarcastic?

I didn't reply to him because he usually makes overboard jokes and is sarcastic.

Though i tried to understand him and called him out with his behaviour before

We’ve went out a few times only and we chat.
Its been a week i didn't reply and didn't went online. But today i posted on my social media finally then he started liking my posts from morning. And now its evening here he messaged me,”i love getting ignored. its what i live for”

Actually i thought he will never message me anymore to get the message that he turned me off but im quite surprised he still messaged me. Or i guess i was somewhat expecting he will ask how i was or hewas sorry or what happened why i didn't reply?
But thats his message for me not replying to him after a wk.

What is the appropriate reply for his msg? Does he even deserve a reply?


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  • Doesn't really deserve one, no.

    • He was nice at first we did get along but after three dates he was suspicious of me. Its like he has trust issues and he usually says that some people get offended easily with his jokes or with his seriousness :/
      Too bad i did find him attractive and interesting at first.. sigh

  • Meh u didn't message him so he ain't wrong message him or not lol

    • we were talking about something and he replied in a sarcastic way. The topic was serious. So i didn't reply. For a week i didn't reply to him and i didn't go online i just focused on other things. So he messaged me that today.

    • Ok still don't see why u are overly surprised by what he said u was in fact ignoring him By choosing to not reply so...

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