Sex with me but?

Guy in question - A 22 year old who is very extrovert and outgoing. he's also very attractive and is very affectionate and friendly. Has tons of friends and is very social and vocal.

2 girls involved.

Girl 1 - Met her unexpectedly. They didn't know each otjer but the guy had "attraction at first sight" for her. Guy stares at her the whole time. Cannot keep his eyes off her. Follows her around and wants her to talk to him. Whenever he's alone with her or near her, he wants her to talk to him.
He becomes conscious and quiet around her and is totally unlike himself.
If she doesn't talk to him then he gets angry but then decides to initiate himself. But has the habit of getting angry at her if she doesn't come to talk to him and gets resentful at her.
He has been doing this for 1 year with this girl.

Girl 2 - Friends with her for about 1 year and a half. Is always flirting with her, touching her, holding her by the shoulder, groping her and they also have sex (technically fwbs) .
He takes her put and smokes and drinks with her. However they dont stay together when the university term ends and this girl goes home quickly. So does he.
Both are hard left wing and enjoy protests but the guy is more dominant in these.

So who does this guy actually like/love? Pls explain


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  • So probably girl 1. The other friend is just a confidence builder to give him what he needs and that is the affection he can't have from girl 1

    • How girl 1?

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    • He got angry coz she didn't talk

    • Is girl 1 shy? Does she have social anxiety?

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  • Likes both loves neither from what u say

    • Lol. He can't like both. 1 has to be deeper for him

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    • Just choose 1

    • For what there is nothing that u have said that would make me think he loves either just likes and guys can like as many girls as he wants at the same time

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