Did he do me wrong or am I overreacting?

So there's a guy at my school and i have a crush on him for 2 years.(He knows) Eventually he asked my number one day Then we talked everyday on wapp. Somedays he was flirting with me (like in love) For example That he wants to have kids w me in the future Or that hhe told his dad about me etc. He also has Depression, Psychosis, ptsd He said that i'm the only person he text when he's feeling suicidal And i was there for him 24.7 Then 1 day we wanted to hangout 5 days after his bday. I bought him a expensive perfume I was so excited to give it to him All i wanted to do is make him happy. Then a girl at my school who also likes him They talked for only 1MONTH Then she said to me later: Would you be sad if i had a relationship with him etc. And she wanted to know if he flirted w me. I got angry on the inside because why would you say that? That hurt my feelings & she should know that. Then i texted him a long paragraph that he hurt me etc & That i'm angry at the girl for asking that. Then he had the nerve to say that he saw me as his ''Sister" And said that if i leave him i never cared about our "bond" That's so not true. So then we stopped talking later on because he was done with me being mad at him & Said to delete his number.. so i did:( i had to... And at school i always saw them together even next to me. He didn't even care.. I still have his bday gift in my room i bought it for nothing... I think about him literally everyday non stop he was the first guy i was in love with.. i wanted to make him happy on his bday because he struggles with Depression.. Why did he do that to me? We were talking for months But when he found out another girl liked him They got in a relationship so fast. I already struggle with an Eating disorder and thoughts of never feeling good enough this made it 100 times worser I cry myself to sleep so many times cause i feel like im never good enough for love cause i'm so fucked up.. Srry if i'm being dramatic but this is how i am & i hate it.


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  • I understand you liked him but he was just a toxic person in your life. If he couldn’t see all the things you were doing for him then it’s his bad. He’s at loss. He lost a great girl who was there for him when no one was. He was just blind and later on he’ll realize it but it’ll be too late because you moved on. Take it day by day and let go holding on to it will only hurt you more.

  • You didn’t do anything wrong, he led you on and that’s fucked up


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