Would you get mad if your girlfriend said this to you?

If you say to your girlfriend that " text me when you are free "

and she replies " why to message? "

would get mad?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No - I would not get mad. She might think you have something on your mind that you want to say to her or might believe you have an agenda such as wanting to go golfing with her or talk to her about a problem etc...

    • no no.. that's highly unlikeky 😂

Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends on what took place before that and if you normally text each other or not. Some people ask to be texted and then they don't really have anything important to say or it may be that you just finished discussing something on the phone, she got annoyed and doesn't think there is a need to text since you already discussed the issue. It could be because it's easier to see each other in person.. etc. Anyhow, generally speaking I think that would only be the response if something happened before that.

    • no we were not finished talking.. it were only 2-3 texts... she told me she is going yo have lunch.. after which i texted her " text me when you are free "

    • I guess it was because she felt that you were don'e talking about whatever you were talking about and there was no need to text back., so she was wondering why should she text you again.

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  • No not really why

    • because i feel it's rude and insult..

      does she need reasons to text her bf? wtff

    • Well yes if she is not in the mood to talk

  • I think it's stupid


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