Girls, Does she like me back?

Hey i really want to hear your opinion about this story.

My crush and I go to the same class. We were at this time good friends, we got along. I am a kind of guy who doesn’t have friends except for my crush and her friends but we were not crazy close. One day when the schoolday was over she saw my crying on the way home. (I cried because I suffer from Ptsd and my mother is very depressed and she took many pills on that day) I didn’t have anybody to tell my story that really is irksome for me. She said to me that day that she would keep my secret and would love listen to me. I accepted her offer. After that our relationship improved drastically. I feel even deeper in love with her. And she shows many signs of interest; e. g only one laughing at my jokes, starring at me, smiling, often sending me hearts and kissing emojis etc. She even hugged me recently. She wants me to take her home at night so that she doesn’t go alone. Do you think she likes me, should i ask her out and should i risk this friendship between us. I would love to hear your opinion.


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