Girls, should I consider making a move or is she just a friend? Is there anything going on?

So at the start of this summer, i met a "pen pal" :p , we wrote each other daily hours on end and had quite a lot in common which is always a positive for someone you have never met in real life before :p

So asking such person out for once is usually scary too so the first time i did ask it was only normal she said no cause obviously she didn't know me well enough

So our sessions started to dry out cause texting usually falls flat in the long run till recently i started getting active again online and she started writing me back, again we instantly hit it off as we ended, talking for hours...
Now the biggest difference was how she said she would actually come around if i wanted to and that she wouldn't mind seeing me, note that we live hours away from each other :)

And during the first "session" she also noted how she loved talking to me and relating to what i said. I mean a girl talking to someone until near 3AM with a random stranger does mean something i guess :p
So what are the odds? Cause we haven't spoken since but im planning on hitting her up again next week and gettin her involved in some mutual interest we got cause i dont like forcing texts specially when i have nothing to talk about :p

Does she show any signs of interest? or just good friends?


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  • She is interested in making a move

    • ait i dont wanna be too picky or interview-ish but why do u think this?
      cause its so hard to access situation since we (girl and i) never met :p

  • interest.

    • Thanks and what makes ya think so :)

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    • Dont want to be deemed crazy. Sorry.

    • What, just tell me :)

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