Best way to start an online conversation?

I'm on a few dating apps and matched one or two people but I have no social skills so I am struggling to start a conversation.

I'm not into films really and my hobbies are very niche (public transport and electronic dance music) so I have little in common with the people I match. I would normally just say 'hey [name], I really like your profile and I would love to get to know you. Are you up for a chat xxx'. Very generic and most girls say it is boring or that they won't reply.

Does anyone have some good tips for conversation starter which I might even get a reply to haha.

Thanks in advance. It's appreciated :)


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  • Make fun of her

    • That's rude though. Aren't they more likely to not reply if you insult them?

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    • So you insult them and then somehow change their impression on you when they reply. Very interesting. I will have to give that a go. I hope they don't think I'm a cunt lol. Some women it can be hard to make them change their mind. First impressions count.

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  • Are you from the uk?

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    • I’m talking about stagecoach buses

    • I am unsure on the exact rules when fining people but normally they take your name, address etc and they send the fine to your house. In most cases people pay and those who exploit generally don't get caught. My Stagecoach local area of 5 depots and combined around 400 buses has only about 4 revenue inspectors so as I said very rare you will get caught.

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