Girls, Ladies if an white woman. Live in nigeria?

If a white American woman and is a supervisor in paramedics but lives in nigeria does that mean she likes black men even though she talks to me? I have a lot to say.


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  • There are plenty of reasons for a white woman to live in Nigeria and none of them can be about loving black men. That's quite the mental gymnastics that you performed to come up with such a thought.

    Why not simply not ask her out? Just a tip: Make sure not ask her if the reason she's in Nigeria is for easy access to black men.

    • No woman can tell a man what to do. I call it how it is.

    • That's foolish because there are plenty of women who do (in the workforce, in marriages, in various cultures etc.).

      If you really think that the reason why she is in Nigeria is because there is a larger sample of black men, then you have more issues to worry about than asking her out.

      She would probably dodge a bullet as well... You know what? Nevermind. You know what to do apparently, so you don't need any help... lol.

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