My boyfriend has a new job and no time for me?

My boyfriend just started new job this week and now he works longer hours. By the time he gets home and does a few things it's time to go to sleep. We don't live together and this whole week we have talked just a little. We have talked everyday but much less than before.
I'm worried if things go this way, we will grow apart and eventually break up.
Anyone has been in a situation like this? Do I have a reason to be worried?


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  • He gets a day off doesn't he? See him on his day off from time to time. If you don't like the schedule then you'll have to find a boyfriend that will give you a lot more time but he won't make that much money. So how would you feel about that situation? Does that make you happy


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  • Discuss moving in with each other?


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  • Tell about your worries.

  • You’re probably too ugly.


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