Second date -- lunch hour tips?

I'm going to be going on a second date with this guy. The first date was nice -- neither of us were really sure it was a date at first, actually... were we hanging out as possible new friends or were we going on a first date? We clarified that we were both interested in it being a date and at the end he asked me for a hug and it was a really nice, warm hug.


It was a lunch date and, because of our schedules, our next date will also be a lunch hour date. I'm still a little nervous and I'm afraid that our second date will just be a repeat of the first one and we'll run out of stuff to talk about... how do we make it interesting? I was thinking about bringing a board game or something? Or maybe we go mini-golfing?

The other thing is that the hug was really nice, but I'm kind of hoping for more physical contact. Is that weird on a lunch date? Is there a way to suggest that without being pushy or weird about it?


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  • Yeah a klunch date doesn't have the baggage a dinner date does.. Dinner dates, if it's your first date come fraught with baggage like whether your going to go back to one of your places and that in turn is a prelude to sex. Lunch is far more casual w/o the romantic/erotic overtones a dinner date has. If you want to cover your bases choose a hotel with a freestanding restaurant for lunch, If it gets hot there are few things sexier than an afternoon tryst with hotel quality sheets and I've always felt that 1) it was more decadent and 2) If I'm reasonably sure, making reservations for a room in advance. It shows a great deal of confidence to allow a partner to know you were planning/hoping to have sex after. You might want to dress in business attire for lunch but wear some sexy lingerie if you think the guy is someone you would like to do


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  • There is no need of taking any kind of board game or playing an activity. See that fear is normal in such situations. But that is where you have to come out of comfort zone because you have to talk. Have some conversations by asking playing questions games.. like would you rather. you ll find many on internet. And ask such kinda questions which will help you to have more physical contact with him.
    Have an amazing DATE!

  • Don't bring a board game, just rely on the food and conversation. If you want more physical contact be sure to sit near him so that either person can easily reach out to touch lightly on the elbow or shoulder when making a point.


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