Second date -- lunch hour tips?

I'm going to be going on a second date with this guy. The first date was nice -- neither of us were really sure it was a date at first, actually... were we hanging out as possible new friends or were we going on a first date? We clarified that we were both interested in it being a date and at the end he asked me for a hug and it was a really nice, warm hug.


It was a lunch date and, because of our schedules, our next date will also be a lunch hour date. I'm still a little nervous and I'm afraid that our second date will just be a repeat of the first one and we'll run out of stuff to talk about... how do we make it interesting? I was thinking about bringing a board game or something? Or maybe we go mini-golfing?

The other thing is that the hug was really nice, but I'm kind of hoping for more physical contact. Is that weird on a lunch date? Is there a way to suggest that without being pushy or weird about it?
Second date -- lunch hour tips?
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