Bumble GPS Location?

I’ve been talking to this guy I met on bumble. I noticed all afternoon his location showed up to be at the airport. He made it seem like he was working & then his location changed again after no communication for a couple hours to Mexico. I brought it up & he made it seem like it was weird & later told me to check again. He was supposedly working this entire time...& we live in the United States. Then his location was changed back to what it usually is... not the airport & not Mexico. I felt like he was lying to me since bumble uses GPS tracking & I read on google that there are apps to spoof your location. I can’t tell if this guy is lying or if I falsely accused him of lying to me. I would never want to do that or come off as crazy! I trust until that trust is broken. Does this seem suspicious to anyone other than me? Can you really change your location on bumble regardless of where you are?


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  • Maybe he's a drug mule? 🤔


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