How do I say it?

So my (new) boyfriend doesn’t know how to kiss... he says that I’m his first kiss. The way he kiss is like a peck but frozen in time with force. I want to teach him but I don’t want to be awkward.
We’re both awkward but since we started dating he seems shy and I’m afraid me saying something might make it worst.
I like him and have no reason to end it, like it’s not a deal breaker to me. I want to kiss him but I don’t want a “forceful peck”. I don’t know how to confront him nor do I have any idea where to start if I were to teach him how to kiss... help


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  • Just tell him. Sounds like he's nervous already and talking to him about it would probably ease him.


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  • Just be upfront about it. Tell him you want to experiment with kissing and not just pecking.


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  • Tbh if you just went for it, it would be totally fine my ex was like that and I didn’t know where to go. But, when I just enjoyed it this seemed more natural and he would probably like it more too.

  • Just nicely tell him to follow what you're doing


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