High school and College Relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating over 2 years and 3 months. When we were in high school we did go to different high schools and he is one year older than me. He graduated this year and is about an hour away at college. I’ve heard about the whole Turkey Drop or about how we don’t stand a chance. In my head though I’m out over two year relationship we have went weeks without seeing each other in person sometimes a month because for a period in time it was hard to see each other on the weekends. We have also went on multiple vacations and cruises with our families and have spent about a week without talking to each other because you can’t use phones on a cruise ship. If anyone is still in a relationship from high school, or has any advice for us as a couple? Thank you!


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  • My wife and I went to different high schools and only met by chance. We were in the same grade though. After high school the two of us ended up at the same college which was about an hour away from home. We've been together for 19 years and married for 15 of them.

    • My advice is to go with the flow of what you guys are doing and ignore what other people are saying. Yes typically long distance relationships can be strained, but with technology today the two of you can be in much better contact than people in the past.

    • Thank you so much! Yesterday was his move in day and I thought maybe I could look up advice and stuff and all I found was stuff like the Turkey Drop and how 5 percent on couples make it work. And it kind of upset me but I feel we can make this work. I wish we could go to the same college but they don’t have my major but I’m going to a college I believe that the bus for the school can take him down too next year

    • He broke up with me because he’s busy and I do understand

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