Problems with boyfriend's parents?

Really not sure what to do, his parents hate me so they don't know we're in a relationship.
Theyre really overprotective, to the point where he got in trouble for hanging out with a guy who swears (We're seniors in high school)
Theyve been snooping around his phone, trying to catch any unwanted contacts trying to contact him. He's tried telling his parents to stop, but they don't. As a result, he's decided that he's going to excommunicate his parents and move to a different city, and asked me to come with him.
I feel like he's really overreacting to this, as he loves his parents very much, but has already started packing and mad everything plans to move in with a friend who attends university in that city.
Tried talking to him, but he says he won't give me up because of "his parents being assholes".
How do I stop him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Seems like this is more of an issue between him and his parents. Might be best to not get involved too much. Just support ya boi through this time, might be tough on him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don’t stop him. How would you feel if your parents did all these things to control your life? Wouldn’t you want to escape it?

    • This seems pretty reasonable tbh.

    • I just asked him, and he admits he'd miss his parents.
      Also, he's very wealthy and used to luxury, so I doubt he'd feel comfortable being middle class (He doesn't know how to use an oven or a washing machine, or how to get on public transportation. I wish I was joking.)

    • Of course he’d miss his parents, but this way he might be able to have a healthier relationship with them than when he’s living with them.

      And perhaps this way he can learn to take care of the household chores himself instead of other people doing it for him. Great way to grow up 😊

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