WHEN and HOW do I do this?

I've been absolutely smitten with this Girl I work with for around about a year now. We work together a few days a week, outside of work we speak every so often. I'll make up an excuse to message her something work related, or else just start a random tease and we'll converse from there. We haven't hung out outside of work, but in work were pretty much inseparable to the point where it's commented on, a lot.
I've never made a move, because she had a boyfriend the whole time but just two weeks ago she and her boyfriend split up and I knew quite a bit about the whole ordeal because she confided in me a lot during the last few months of their relationship, which were pretty bad months.
Eventually, I'm absolutely going to ask her out because I can't not. She's amazing. But my question is, when is it appropriate to do so? And maybe even more importantly, how? I've never been great at the whole asking a girl out thing but this is like, the first time I've just felt "suck it up, she's worth every bit of a try".
Any and all help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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  • First off I would really think about this situation before you act on it. I am sure your feelings for the girl are genuine & you can see yourself with her, but what if it doesn’t end well? I’m not trying to end what could be a wonderful relationship before it’s even started, but speaking from experience, dating a co worker is great to start with but when things go wrong, it makes life difficult at work. How about you try out a friendship for a little while? Some of the best relationships are built on friendships. That way you get to know her better & gives her time to get over her boyfriend. Just be friends for now, if it feels right you can ask her out in a few months. But do think of the consequences of dating someone you work with!

    • Thanks for the reply! I totally get where you're coming from. A few months ago I completely ruled out the idea of even asking her out for as long as we worked with one another just for fear of her saying no and it becoming awkward. I've just decided that this is 100% worth the risk and that if were good friends like I already believe we are, then it shouldn't effect it. But I will take your advice! It feels so effortless how easy it is for me to amuse or excite her when im around her. She seems to, at the bare minimum, enjoy my company 😂😂 My personal ideas are to wait a month or so before asking her out anyway, just because I feel it wouldn't be proper to suggest something so quickly after her breakup.

    • Yes sounds like you’ve got the right idea! You sound like you want something genuine rather than a hook up so give it some time, see how it goes then go for it. Good luck ☺️

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