Is he interested or enjoying my attention?

So, I started working for a company for one month, because my company worked together with them. There was this cute guy from the very beginning I noticed that he started flirting with me. Pretty quickly he asked me for my phone number, it was like instant attraction. We ended up meeting very early at work and drink a coffee together before the rest would show up. I asked him to hang out, he said yes. We ended having a date which was like 5-6 hours long.
He was gentleman like, on the end of the date I just had the urge to kiss him, so I did. On the date he told me that he broke up with his ex three weeks ago and that the relation wasn’t good longer and now he broke up. Ok I thought. On our last work day together we walked together and he kissed me. Then he went away on vacation, he didn’t had time for another date before that. After it we met again, I couldn’t come to his place because he said there is still stuff from his ex, so he visited me. We kissed each other very long and passionate and didn’t had sex. It was just wonderful with him. But, I feel confused. Everything between us just felt instantly right, but he isn’t asking for new dates? It seems he already isn’t texting so much as before.. he isn’t asking how I am, how my day is and stuff which is stuff I am usually getting when a guy is interested in me. I would love to see him soon but I don‘t wanna be the only one making this effort? I want to feel his interest aswell. Does he like me or not? I am confused


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  • He could still like you but might be backing off of the game a little. You believe you shouldn't be making decisions in your head too soon because there could be a circumstance that is pushing him a little back. Like you mentioned he still had stuff at his house from his ex, he might have recently had to deal with the ex and might have set him a back a little. I don't know if it is but hypothetically that could happen. So if you want to know, its best to have a conversation about it with him. If he cares about you and is still interested, he will perhaps explain.

    • But how should I ask him something without him feeling pressured? It seems so „why aren’t you showing more interest in me“ I thougt he might needs some time after his relationship just ended but I don’t know!

    • Well he did just go on vacation, so maybe it cleared his head a little and he decided to take it more slowly or something like that.

      I would just bring it up softly in a conversation and be like "Hey are you doing okay?" Sort of thing. A light question to bring up his feelings and open a path up to understanding his mentality.

    • Yeah but the issue is that he really starts to text less.. I don’t really hear much from him.. he isn’t asking me any questions or says something which would lead to a new date..

  • I'll be blunt. If you ask him over for sex he'll come. Otherwise, he's probably got a girlfriend.

  • He wants ass. And titties. It didn't happen the first two dates. He's losing interest in a woman who he feels like is playing hard to get.


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