What does my man do out all night till 5am?

My man is always out at night and he says he’s out with his boys but what do they do out all night? He came home at 5am yesterday and I didn’t even ask him where he was becuase he does this everyday I’ve got sick of it. So what do you think he was doing with his boys until that time because I don’t understand why you would want to be with your friends until 5am? And do I have the right to be angry about this. Becuase he barely talks to me in the night and he says his phone always dies and he’s out so that’s why he replies so late becuase that’s the time he comes home.
I’m such a good girlfriend what’s the need to cheat on me I hate guys ergh


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  • He doesn't respect your feelings and emotions and he is probably cheating on you


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  • He is cheating on you
    What you can do is this :
    Act like ur going to be running errands
    Be ready to follow.. him.. make sure u get the camera.. or a phone
    And hide somewhere that he will not find you where u least expect it
    Then when u see him going
    Follow him under desigse

    Or u can do it like this :
    You can have your friend pick u up as soon as he leaves... ( or you can drive by yourself ) and follow him

    Once you seen where is destination is.. go and embarrassed him..

    • Or y'know, be mature and talk about it 😉

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    • @Brutal_Honesty well the girl is me so I don’t know why your talking about me like I’m not here and I never said im unhappy I’m just asking what could he be doing at that time. Apart from that he treats me like a princess

    • well if you're not unhappy then there is no reason why we should discuss any of this

      yet here we are... :)

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  • He's probably cheating. No one hangs out with their buddies every night til 5 am.
    Dump him.


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