Do you see ghosting as a reflection of you?

If you get constantly ghosted, especially from dates you meet online, do you see it as a reflection of you?

Do you think there might be something really wrong with you?

The worst part of being ghosted is the lack of explanation as to why things went wrong. You feel like it’s all your fault and you want to improve but how can you when you’re not getting any kinda feedback?


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  • No, it is bad manners/character on the part of the People doing it. You're right About the Feedback. my thoughts exactly.

    • Yeah it’s just frustrating and I don’t wanna sound like one of those lame incels, pick up artists, etc that’s like “I’m nice why don’t girls like me” or “all girls are bitches”. That mentality gets you nowhere.

      It is frustrating and definitely costly to have all these dates, only for them to go nowhere.

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    • Dating to date also gives you practice and allows you to interact with girls, so it does have Benefits if you can stomach it not turning into a serious relationship.

    • I just saw it as a waste of time. No point in leading someone on. Whether it’s a lack of physical attraction or mental attraction.

  • When someone ghosts you, it's simply because you are not meeting his/her expectations, you guys are different, simple, find someone more empathic to you, someone you can share conversations about 'ghosting' with.


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