I'm scared i'll make him feel bad but that's not my intention?

Okay so, I love birthdays. I love my own, I love my friend's, and I especially love celebrating them with my significant other. I've been dating this guy for about six months now and I am pretty sure he is the love of my life. I love spoiling people with gifts and on their birthday I go out so as you can imagine... I went all out for the person whom I love most. I spent around 350 for his entire gift and I imagine my boyfriend is the kind of guy to look up what I bought him. I do not mind spending money on my boyfriend or even care about what I spent on his gifts as long as he loves them! Here's the catch... Our birthdays are the 4th and 5th of September. So he also is going to get me something. I don't care how much he spends on me because all I actually truly care about is that he put thought into what he got me. My mother, sister, and brother questioned if I should've spent that much because they didn't want my boyfriend to feel bad if he didn't spend as much as I did. Truthfully, I wasn't even thinking about it. I just wanted to gift him something really nice. But now I am a tad bit upset because I don't want to hurt his feelings. What should I do?


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  • You already got the gift? just give it to him. like you said its the thought that counts.
    Show him your appreciate what he got for you


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