Good ways to start a conversation with a female on dating apps?

I'm on a few dating apps and matched one or two people but I have no social skills so I am struggling to start a conversation.

I'm not into films really and my hobbies are very niche (public transport and electronic dance music) so I have little in common with the people I match. I would normally just say 'hey [name], I really like your profile and I would love to get to know you. Are you up for a chat xxx'. Very generic and most girls say it is boring or that they won't reply.

Does anyone have some good tips for conversation starter which I might even get a reply to haha.

Thanks in advance. It's appreciated 🙂

Ps. This is reposted because I can't bump threads and I only got 2 replies last time.


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  • I would normally say only contact the ones you have something in common with, otherwise you will struggle to gain traction with them, but you could try ones that have some interesting Hobby or experience and ask them About it.

    • Most females profiles are plain though. They say very little about their personality or hobbies so it makes it a bit harder again.

    • Then say you liked their profile pic and were wondering About what their Hobbies are.

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