I'm so confused by him, can anyone help?

Does this mean he doesn't want to say he likes me, or he doesn't want me to like him?
Long story short I've known him for 4 years. We live 4 hours apart but see each other on camping trips regularly, 2 or 3 times a year. 3 years ago, I was major crushing on him, but when he told me he didn't like me I shut up about it.
Fast forward to 1 year ago, I get a boyfriend, he doesn't know till we go camping last fall. My boyfriend doesn't come but he's kinda grumpy and distant. Then after that we stopped talking because I got a new phone that wasn't iMessage friendly.
I just got in touch with him again 2 weeks ago. Since then he's been WAY friendlier, enthusiastic, saying goodnight and good morning, etc. He said had I not contacted him he'd have gotten my number from my dad at the end of the summer.
OK NOW- a few days ago he asked for a tbh. I said I'm not sure what I'd say, it would be long and he replied with "Ouch".
Then yesterday when I had thought about it I said- "really I can't just make a tbh about you into one tiny paragraph, i mean 4 years is a long time to know someone and a lot has happened since then. I've never been good with words especially when things are so complex. There's just too much to put like how do I even know where to start? Again, 4 years, pretty long time. That's why i said i'm not sure..."
He replied with (summarized)- "I'm glad you didn't give me a tbh" so I asked why, and he said "Because I like the way things are now and don't want to add the stress of it"
AND NOW, 3 days later, he's using the dreaded friends word, and has kind of flipped a switch and become sort of distant-ish while still claiming nothing has changed and that ye likes talking to me.. F*** me.


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